Certificate of Residency for tax purposes

UK apostille certificate for Certificates of Residency issued by the tax office.

Businesses carrying out trade overseas are often asked to prove they are a UK based business and pay taxes in the UK. This allows the UK business to operate outside of the UK without incurring double taxation liability in another country. This is often referred to as a double taxation treaty or dual taxation treaty.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) can issue a letter confirming a business is resident in the UK for tax purposes and will often add a statement to the effect that the company has no current outstanding tax liability in the UK. This certificate of residency is usually issued by the business’ local tax office.

We can arrange for the tax certificate of residency (the HMRC tax office letter) to be issued with an apostille certificate. Typically we will issue the apostille to the original document as the overseas tax authority would require this but we can issue the apostille to a copy of the document if you prefer.

To order your apostille simply go to our order page and follow the instructions. If you need any assistance please contact us for advice.