Non UK documents - documents from coutries outside the UK

Can we process non UK documents?

Yes we can. When we are presented with documents that were not issued in the UK we will normally get our solicitor to make a certified copy of the document. The certified copy is then issued with an apostille.

It is important that you take note of the following information-
We only issue UK apostilles. If we process your document it will be issued with a UK apostille certificate. You should check that this is suitable for your own circumstances with the organisation requesting the apostille.

We recommend that where possible you try to get an apostille from the country where the apostille was issued. For example, if your document is from India then try to get an apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs in India. If this is not possible then we will try to assist you.

We normally make a solicitor copy of your document. For example, if you provide us with a South African birth certificate our solicitor will make a photocopy. This will be officially certified and the copy documents is issued with an apostille. We are not able to legalise the actual certificate. 

If a certified copy document is suitable for your requirements then we would be pleased to assist you.