Opening bank accounts

Applying for a bank account abroad often requires documents to be legalised. As people cross borders to live and work and businesses operate globally we see a range of documents for bank account applications in countries outside the UK. Banks will not simply open an account without sufficient evidence being provided and supporting data. This may require an apostille being issued on numerous documents. This may include-

Copies of Passports
Birth certificates
Criminal record checks
Proof of employment letters
Proof of earnings from P60’s, payslips and self assessment forms
Letters from accountants
Letters from UK banks
Company documents including memorandum and articles of association, certificates of incorporation, meeting minutes, copies of accounts, resolutions etc. etc.

It must be stressed that this list is not exhaustive and that you should contact the country that you are travelling to for clarification of the documents required. This selection of documents is supplied for information only and is should not be taken as advice.

We can legalise all genuine UK documents that may be required to open a bank account overseas. We are not able to offer advice on how to open accounts or who to contact for an overseas bank account.