Apostille Certificate and Document Legalisation Service

Expert apostille service and on-line document legalisation service. We have been providing an Apostille certificate service and document legalisation services since 1998.

Key benefits of using our apostille service-

  • Prices start from as little as £50 + VAT
  • Experienced customer service team will advise you on the most suitable legalisation for your personal circumstances - the last thing you need is for your documents to be rejected by overseas authorities!
  • Average turn around time is approximately 2-3 working daysSend us your documents by email where possible - Save time and postage costs
  • Where possible we can combine multiple documents under the same apostille certificate (company documents, education certificates etc.)
  • Full embassy attestation services offered for countries that require embassy legasation

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We are often asked how to pronounce the word Apostille so hopefully this phonetic interpretation will assist you "a - poss - steal". However you pronounce apostille we will understand how to process your document.

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The following information will hopefully provide you with more information about our service.

What is an Apostille?

Put simply an Apostille certificate authenticates an official seal or the signature of the public official who has signed the document in your home state. The Apostille certificate confirms the seal is official or the person that signed the document has the authority to do so and that the document should therefore be recognised as legal without further evidence in another member state. A member state being any country which has joined the Hague Convention.

Why have an Apostille certificate?

Prior to the introduction of Apostille certificates the burden on international courts and authorities to judge foreign documents as authentic was quite considerable. On the 5 October 1961 the Hague Convention abolished the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents. The Convention reduces all of the formalities of legalisation to the simple delivery of a certificate in a prescribed form, entitled "Apostille", by the authorities of the State where the document originates. This certificate, placed on the document, is dated, numbered and registered. The verification of its registration can be carried out without difficulty by means of a simple request for information addressed to the authority which delivered the certificate.

Which countries recognise Apostille certificates?

There are currently over 60 member states of the Hague convention, follow this link to a list of these apostille countries. In addition to those countries which are members of the Hague convention many other countries will also recognise an Apostille certificate. We recommend you check with the entity you intend to present the Apostille certificate to as to whether the Apostille certificate will be acceptable.

For countries that do not accept the apostille on its own we can usually offer a full embassy attestation service. For example, documents being used in the UAE, Qatar or China require embassy attestation and we can take care of this for you.
What type of document can be certified by an Apostille?

Virtually any official document can be legalised through the Apostille process. Follow the link to a list of the most popular documents. If the document you want legalised for use overseas is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.

I have multiple documents, do I need multiple Apostille Certificates?

When ever possible we will legalise your documents under one Apostille to keep your costs to a minimum, this is however not always possible. For example, multiple Company Documents can be legalised under one Apostille but two Birth Certificates would require two separate Apostilles. We will advise on the most cost effective way to legalise your documents if you are not sure.

What information is contained on the Apostille?

The certificate contains the following information:

  1. Country of origin
  2. Name of signatory on the document
  3. The capacity in which that signatory has acted
  4. If the document has been sealed/stamped instead of signed then the details of the authority
  5. Place of certification
  6. Date of certification
  7. Issuing authorities details
  8. Certificate number
  9. Stamp of issuing authority
  10.   Authorised signature of authority

How long does it take?

We aim to have your Apostille certificate issued within five working days from receipt of your documents and payment. Delivery time is dependant on the return delivery service you order.

How do I use your Apostille service?

Please complete this order form or contact us by calling free on 0800 772 34 39. One of our advisers will be happy to discuss your requirements, arrange payment and receipt of your documents for issue with the Apostille.

Where can I read the Hague Convention document?

Please follow this link to read the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirements of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents - Hague Apostille