Apostilles for Death certificates

Following a death in the UK the death will need to be recorded at a registry office. A death certificate will then be issued. This certificate will typically show the full name of deceased, maiden name (if applicable), date of birth or age, date and place of death, last known usual residence, informant's name and address and district where the death has been registered.

In some circumstances a death certificate may need to be presented overseas. Many countries will request that the death certificate is issued with an apostille before it is legally accepted. An apostille may be required to register a death outside the UK. When the deceased estate includes property, bank accounts or assets that are held outside the UK it may be necessary to get an apostille on a death certificate before the local government or lawyers will act.
The apostille can be issued on a death certificate within 5 working days. To order your apostille please send the death certificate with the order form and we will issue the apostille. We can even arrange for your document to be delivered in the UK or directly overseas to save you time.

Please note that we cannot issue an apostille on a photocopy of your certificate. All certificates must be genuine registry documents. Solicitor certified copies are NOT accepted for apostille.