Apostilles for qualifications and training

Many non-UK residents now visit the UK to study at our Universities and Colleges or to train with our professional organisations.

You or your children may be UK nationals or you may have lived in the UK for several years. If you now intend to move overseas you may need to prove your education history to foreign schools, colleges, universities or new employers.

As your education certificates were all issued by UK establishments or organisations you may now need to prove your educational history outside of the UK. This may require an apostille being issued on any of the following documents-

Degree certificates
Masters Certificates
A level history results
BTEC certificates
Vocational Qualification Certificates

It must be stressed that this list is not exhaustive and that you should contact the country that you are travelling to for clarification of the documents required. This selection of documents is supplied for information only and is should not be taken as advice.