Apostilles for employment abroad

As worldwide travel has become easier and cheaper, so has working overseas. Many documents can be legalised for employment. The global economy means employment abroad is increasing. Students often look to take a gap year and seek employment to support their year away from home. People with specialist skills often find that their jobs take them to different countries on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason for working outside of the UK you may be requested to legalise one of these documents before your employment is confirmed-

Certified copy of passport, Birth Certificate, or Adoption certificate to prove your identity
National Identification Certificates, Criminal Record Checks, CRB reports or Disclosure documents
Degree certificates, Masters Certificates, A level history to prove your education
Diplomas or Vocational Qualification Certificates as evidence of your skills or qualifications

A new employer may also seek confirmation of your previous employment. This may include letters confirming employment, payslips and P60’s, letters of reference or recommendation.

It must be stressed that this list is not exhaustive and that you should contact the country that you are travelling to for clarification of the documents required. This selection of documents is supplied for information only and is should not be taken as advice.