Apostille certificates for buying and selling property abroad

You may need an apostille when buying or selling property. We have seen an increasing number of documents for people that are purchasing or selling property abroad. Whilst countries like France, Greece and Spain are still popular there has been a marked increase in Eastern European destinations including Croatia and Bulgaria. Wherever you are buying or selling a property you may be requested to provide an apostille on your documents. The following list offers a selection of documents that you may need-

Power of Attorney – providing power for someone to act on your behalf in the purchase of the property
Proof of identity documents – more information here
Proof of earnings

In cases where someone has died the property may become part of the estate. In which case the following documents may also be required-
Death certificate
Last will and testimony possibly court stamped
Probate given to a person or persons to administer a deceased person’s estate

It must be stressed that this list is not exhaustive and that you should contact the country that you are travelling to for clarification of the documents required. This selection of documents is supplied for information only and is should not be taken as advice.